Elmentary & Middle School Department

Elmentary & Middle School Department

 Ghars Curriculum
Ghars oers an American Curriculum that is balanced and based on Common Core
State Standards (CCSS) while maintaining the integrity of the Islamic Values. We follow
Pearson Education for all grade levels and subject areas.
The goal for each student is to get the chance to learn the basic competencies essential
to their future schooling and adult life, but in the context of a rounded education
appropriate to the 21st century.

Elementary and Middle School Departments (Grades 1-8)

English (Grades 1-5): Our curriculum is a biweekly program, which includes comprehension, uency, phonics, vocabulary,
conventions, writing, listening and speaking skills.
We follow Scott Foresman - Reading Street. Reading Street consists of ve units per grade level; the unit concepts connect the
curriculum from start to nish, scaolding student’s prior knowledge. Considering our students as second language learners, we
have condensed the curriculum while sustaining all concepts and language development intact within the school year.

English (Grades 6-8): We use My Perspective & Writing Coach. My Perspective is a student- centered learning environment where
students will analyze text, cite evidence and respond critically about their learning. Ghars covers Literature through My Perspective;
the core curriculum consists of 4 units per year which covers whole class learning, small group learning and independent
learning per quarter providing in depth literacy elements. Ghars also uses Writing Coach Curriculum for Writing & Grammar
through a 5-stage writing process with 21st century skills. Students in Middle School use Tablets for their Online Journal, Interactive
Writing Coach, Grammar tutorials, practices and games via the Writing Coach Online.

Mathematics (Grades 1-5): We follow Envision Math. Students learn to see relationships, ask questions and try dierent approaches
until they nd what best suits them. It is a problem-based learning that challenges students and integrates their knowledge of

Mathematics (Grades 6-8): Thrghout our Mathmetics program in middle school, we align the Common Core State Standerds with the standards for Mathmetics practice development with daily integrated intervention and powerful test prep help.

Science ( 1 - 8 ): We use Interactive Science. It features an innovative write-in student edition that makes learning personal, relevant, and
engaging. It also features multiple levels of inquiry developed to provide practice for all learners.





Arabic and Islamic Studies Instruction:  Our school follows the curriculum of the Arabic language, Islamic Studies and Social Studies set by the ministry of Education in Kuwait>


Ghars Curriculum: This is a curriculum that we take pride in. We are pioneers in creating our own, which is used to enrich the knowledge of the names and attributes of Allah the all mighty through:

  • Planting the Islamic values in the students by knowing and understanding the beautiful Names and attributes of Allah the all Mighty.
  • Educating the students to praise and glorify the creator by adhering to Allah’s most perfect Attributes.
  • Developing the student’s characters and enhancing their view of life, based on the understanding of the beautiful names of Allah.
  • Training the students to live their daily lives and to behave according to the knowledge of the Names and Attributes of Allah the all Mighty.
  • Establishing a generation of true believers in Allah and the Islamic values and spreading peace and love throughout the world.


Holy Qur’an: A curriculum geared towards reciting and memorizing the Holy Qur’an in an exceptional way through:

  • Understanding the general meanings of the recited and memorized phrases.
  • Clarifying the meanings of the difficult vocabulary.
  • Explaining the Islamic principles in order to behave and practice accordingly.


Maqra’a: It is an optional and an additional enrichment program for distinguished students and for those who need more support in memorizing the Holy Qur’an.



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Elmentary & Middle School Department
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