Ghars Bilingual School is the third school built by the Etkan Company through years of hard and persistent work.  

The word Ghars means in Arabic “to plant a seed”. It is a figure of speech which refers to planting a seed into the minds of the youth where we reap its outcomes on the long term. Planting a seed requires love, care and patience to achieve a successful harvest.

Ghars is an exceptional school because of the program it offers which combines the American curriculum and the Arabic and Islamic curricula in its educational system. This is what makes it a unique school in the state of Kuwait in this particular aspect. Ghars has an additional advantage to the other Islamic bilingual schools in Kuwait in the sense that it integrates a curriculum called “The names and attributes of Almighty Allah” at all grade levels designed to enrich the mind and soul of each student.

There is a wealthy array of skill and experience among the staff at Ghars. Staff Contracts are issued in accordance with the Ministry of Private Education governed by the Kuwait Labor Law. Ghars recruits a highly qualified international staff with enough years of experience. Teachers and Teacher Assistants approach the learning of their students through using various teaching methods and techniques and apply different learning styles to suit each student’s type of learning.   On-going professional development is considered fundamental in maintaining the school’s learning culture

Ghars is well resourced and always strives for excellence. The school has a wealth of materials and equipment to facilitate and enrich student learning. Smart boards, tablets and projectors, and computers are increasingly integral parts of the teaching process.

Ghars offers an American Curriculum that is balanced and based on Common Core State Standards (CCSS) & Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The goal for each student is to get the chance to learn the basic competencies essential to their future schooling and adult life, but in the context of a rounded education appropriate to the 21st century.

We follow Pearson Education for all grade levels and subject areas:

PRE-KG to KG 2 – Learning Journeys

Grade 1 to 5 – Reading Street, Envision Math and Interactive Science

Grade 6 to 8 – My Perspective, Writing Coach, Prentice Hall Math, and Interactive Science

Grade 9 – My Perspective, Writing Coach, Algebra 1, and Holt Biology

After four years of hard work, dedication and enormous determination from the owners, Ghars is now a well-reputed school among the bilingual schools in Kuwait.

At Ghars, we are proud to say that all individuals, groups or cultures are treated with respect, dignity and equality.  Ghars drives its values from Islam, to prepare a generation of students who are raised to: honor the Creator, respect themselves and others, be considerate of cultural diversity, be efficient in the community, become responsible and mature global citizen.